While I was out on vacation I was following the weather impacting Minnesota. When I saw the devastation from the Rapidan Dam, with the water rushing around the 100+-year-old dam, and tearing into the land my heart was broken. About 100 feet or so from the 'new' edge of the river, stands a famous pie stand. I hope this isn't the end of the Rapidan Dam Store.

The Rapidan Dam Store is known for its pies, and as soon as the store opens for the season in the spring, you generally see a steady stream of cars and people stopping by.

The store hasn't posted to social media since the 23rd, and many Southern Minnesotans are spreading the word that when the store reopens, when no one knows, it's going to need people to step up in a big way to keep the store open, and hopefully not far from its current location.

Personally, the store holds a special place for me, as it's where I would stop on my way to weekend softball or baseball games in Mankato when I was working in Albert Lea. I get showing up to a baseball game or softball game with a pie sounds strange, but the folks up in the booth appreciated the sweet treat brought in by the visiting broadcast team.

My hope is that the store survives, and can stay where it currently stands, but real life doesn't always operate that way, and my guess is the store is going to have to move in some form or fashion away from the flood damage and the dam.

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If and when they reopen, and you find yourself in the Mankato area, stop by and grab a slice, or better yet a full pie and create some new/special memories.

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