For once, I'm not talking about a dating disaster.


A Hurricane Named Florence is bearing down on the East Coast, and I have friends and family in the Carolinas. It got me thinking: would I be ready if a disaster struck Minnesota?


Most people probably aren't. A simple way to at least get a jump on being prepared for a disaster is to have a disaster kit.

The Basics of a Disaster Kit

1) 3 Gallons of Water Per Person
2) 3-Day Supply of Non-Perishable Food
3) Portable Radio For Updates (plus extra batteries)
4) Flashlight (plus extra batteries)
5) First Aid Kit
6) A Whistle (to signal for help, if needed)
7) Dust Masks (you never know what kind of buried spores could be released)
8) Sanitation Supplies (garbage bags, moist towelettes, etc)
9) Tools (like a wrench to turn off utilities)
10) Plastic Sheeting & Duct Tape (for a makeshift shelter)
11) Manual Can Opener
12) A Physical Map of Your Area

Round out your disaster kit with extra blankets, clothes, food & water for pets; matches and/or a lighter, fire extinguisher, feminine products...even an extra set of contacts or glasses. Books and puzzles are great things to have in case you're waiting for help and your phone battery is dead. An external rechargeable battery pack or two would be ideal.

Something that definitely gets overlooked: cash/traveler's checks.

If you get warning of an impending disaster, don't forget to stock up on prescription medications that you'll need, too.

Natural disasters suck. Prep yourself to make the aftermath suck less!

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