A federal judge has ordered Apple to comply with F.B.I. request to unlock an iPhone 5c that was owned by one of the San Bernardino terrorists -- however Apple is pushing back, in the name of encrypted security for all customers. I'm all about national security, but I'm also about my personal security.

I'm afraid that if we start compromising encrypted personal security on high-tech gear like smart phones -- we'll lose personal security, and terrorists will just find another way.

Other's say that if Apple is forced to create a 'master key' to it's iOS software, the company with be forced by the government to do something that will cause the company to take a big hit.

Apple says that creating a 'master key' could fall into anyone's hands -- giving government, terrorists, hackers, criminals, and other unsavory characters access to our contacts, emails, , messages, medical, financial info, and everything else that lives on high-tech devices these days.

Presidential candidates are even getting involved. Donald Trump commented by saying about Apple, "Who do they think they are?" Donald has said that America needs to take back the internet from the terrorists. The problem is, if they take it from them -- they take it from all of us.

The U.S. government asks why would any U.S. company create a product that criminals know that they can use because it's beyond the law? (???) That's sooooo not the point. The question should be, "why would any U.S. company create a product that keeps data safe for all of it's customers?" (And that answer should seem obvious.) Yes, terrorists also benefit, but I am not willing to cave because of it.

BTW: How many people did cigarettes kill last year? They're still legal right? Yet we focus on my damn phone? (Or the phone of a guy that tragically killed 14 people in California?) And yes, I realize I could die at the hands of a terrorist who's information was encrypted on an iPhone. That's a risk I'm willing to take. And yes, I mean that.

Yesterday, Apple CEO Tim Cook sent an unprecedented open letter to Apple customers about the security issue. It's an interesting and recommended read.

Read Apple's Letter to Customers Here

Fight terrorism and protect national security? YES! Throw out our personal privacy and security in the process? NO. If we're willing to throw out what it means to be America in the process of protecting America -- what's the point?

This will probably end up in the Supreme Court. Anybody know a good justice? I think we're looking for one.