Jessica Jones is the newest country artist coming out of Central Minnesota. The Annandale native just released her first single Mine on November 22nd. There will be a single release party to celebrate at Pintail Ponds Apartments Event Room starting at 7 pm on Friday, November 22nd.

Jessica has been a singer and songwriter her whole life, but fell away from music in recent years. After going through a hard year and a major heartbreak, she came back to music to heal and signed a record deal with Greg Michael Huberty Productions three months ago.

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Her new single Mine, is in fact a love song:

Though it wasn't about anyone at the time, it's a sort of what I hope to find again one day.

Life has not been easy, but music has lead me through every trial I have faced and here I am now releasing music professionally, which has always been my dream.

Jessica Jones' new single is available wherever you consume music.

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