Hey Abbey, I hope this letter finds you well. Actually, I know it will because I already lived through that time. I’m you from April 2020.

January was a busy month, you were working full time at the station, and hosting bar trivia three nights a week with radio remotes on the weekend. Go, go, go. That’s the person you always have been, slowing down isn’t in your vocabulary. But it is about to be.

February will roll around and it will also be busy, but you have that trip to Vegas planned! It’s a great trip, but with word of the coronavirus in Wuhan, China travel seemed lighter but isn’t completely changed. Vegas was quiet, but you just assumed you guys lucked out with it being an “off-week”. You’ll have a great trip, even though you'll lose your Apple Watch in the airport on your way there.

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March shows up and the first half is reminiscent of January. Work, bar trivia, and you have charity events to help at the first two Saturdays. The second weekend is when life starts to get weird. The week leading up is where tensions start to rise amid concerns of the virus that started over in Wuhan. It’s in the US now. People could be carrying this new virus for 14 days with no symptoms. The government starts telling people to limit crowd sizes to avoid infecting people. Crowds of 100 or fewer, then 50, then 25, then 10. Then a Stay at Home Order.

Luckily your company was on top of it and everyone is set up with capabilities to broadcast from home. You set up a home office in the third bedroom and filled it with Disney knick-knacks. It isn’t bad, your dog Norman sleeps in his bed by your desk while you are on air. You even do a show from your porch on a warm, sunny day. It’s cool to be able to do, but it would be cooler if it wasn’t because of a global pandemic.

Borders are closed, only businesses deemed essential are open, face masks are the hot new accessory, toilet paper is extremely hard to come by, and hugging your grandparents is a big no-no.

If I could offer you any advice to make life easier for your April self:

1. Get your hair dyed, and the dog groomed ASAP. The DIY versions that are on the horizon aren’t looking good.
2. Pick up an extra pack of toilet paper at Sam's Club. When you see the shelves completely clear out in less than a day, you will understand. Maybe think about getting a bidet.
3. Give an extra hug to your family members. You’re a pack of huggers and social distancing is hard for your kind.

Enjoy being asked if you “want to start with an appetizer”. Live it up at that Midland concert you attend on Valentine's Day. Try to squeeze in time with your friends, I know everyone is booked until May, but trust me it would be worth it. I know you’re busy, but soak it all in.

Be well January Abbey. 2020 isn't the year everyone thinks it will be, but you will get through it. Also, wash your hands.

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