Last Saturday, January 6th,2024 was a busy day for me, as I was a judge for the Grey Face Rescue's 7th Annual Chili Cook-off, so I was rushing around beforehand trying to get some things done. I was running errands when I received a text from my youngest son that we were out of a few things, and he wondered if I could run to the store before I returned home to grab them.

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Sartell Walmart -- Photo by Chrissy Gaetke, WJON
Sartell Walmart -- Photo by Chrissy Gaetke, WJON


I thought I had enough time to quick run to Walmart and get back just in time to get ready for the cook-off. I rushed into Walmart, grabbed my items, and headed to the self-checkout.

As I rang up my items, I realized...oops. I don't have my purse! I didn't have my purse at all! It wasn't even in the car. I knew exactly where I left it. On the arm of a chair at my boyfriend's home.

Walmart To Raise Its Minimum Raise To 11 Dollars An Hour
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As I was standing there wondering what I should do, I remembered that I had Apple Pay on my iPhone. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and proceeded to make my payment of $17.85. As I stood there trying to find the button to use Apple Pay, I saw a Walmart employee and asked them to help me with my Apple Pay. That's when the employee informed me that Walmart doesn't use Apple Pay!


Have you ever been in my shoes? I started getting all hot and a little embarrassed, I apologized to the Employee and told them that I would need to return later, as in my rush to get things done, I had left my purse at home. I was offering to put the items back, when a woman in the self-checkout next to me shouted over, "How much is it?" Embarrassed, (mostly because I hadn't even put on my make-up yet for the day,) I shouted back, 'Oh...It's $20!" She said, "I've got it!" She came over to my register, entered her card, and told me that she'd been in a similar situation. She then told me there was no need to repay her;  just pay it forward.

I thanked her for helping and just wanted to share the story with you. Good people are watching out for us all over, and sometimes a simple act of kindness can spread like wildfire. I'm sending out another thank you to her. I told her if I ever saw her out, I'd buy her a beer. I hope if she reads this, she doesn't tell everybody how rough I look in the morning without my make-up on.

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