Singer/Songwriter John King, originally from Georgia, is a touring Nashville country artist, who knows how to keep crowds on their feet and completely immersed in an evening performance.

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John King has written songs for some pretty well-known names. Randy Houser's 'We Went,' and Hootie and the Blowfish song called 'Rollin.'  John King has the ability to blend cover songs from legends like country music great George Strait to the pop and fun of Bruno Mars.

John has opened for some pretty big names too; He's toured with Blake Shelton, Sam Hunt, Cole Swindell, and the ever-popular Morgan Wallen.


He's currently promoting his latest album which he is very proud of. His new album sort of tells a story from beginning to end, and he's hoping that you love it as much as he does.

John King/Youtube

John King will be the featured performer for tomorrow night's show at Summertime By George at Lake George in St. Cloud on Wednesday, July 26th. Tomorrow night's theme is 'Singer/Songwriter Night.'

Johns has been writing songs since he was about 16 years old; and I for one, love to hear music from a person or group that spends the time learning the instrument, practicing harmonies, writing lyrics, and then performing. It's another form of baking to me. Creating that song from a feeling or idea; that is what John is able to do. If you are a lyric person, these are the events you will enjoy.

You can get John King's music on his website, on Spotify, or find many of his videos online.

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