A cyclist found a baby alligator walking down a bike path near Brainerd on Saturday just after 12 noon. The Crow Wing Sherriff's office said they've never seen anything like this.

The baby alligator was found on Brandon Way in Barrows, just a few miles Southwest of Brainerd. The assumption is that the reptile is a pet, but authorities were unable to reach the assumed owner.

It's unlawful to own a protected exotic animal in Minnesota without proper licensing and permission. Safari North Wildlife Park confirmed this gator didn't belong to them. The sherriff's office transported the animal to the wildlife park off Highway 371, where they'll be able to return the animal to a home in a legal location.

Source: WDAY 6

Even though it's a baby alligator, they can be very dangerous with a strong bite. Fortunately it wasn't a child who found it, and it was reported immediately.

If you feel you'd like to own an alligator, probably not the smartest idea...but here's some information on how to "legally" own one!