The Ponto's, Jeff and Becky, suffered horrific injuries during a brutal attack inside their home in 2022. The good news is that both Jeff and Becky are back home in Ogilvie, but they still have a long road to recovery. One way that the public is being asked to help is to prepare meals for a meal train as their recovery and rehab will be their focus for the next few months.

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Our friend on the show, Nadder, sent us some information about the meal train, and other ways people can help Jeff and Becky. The main way to help Jeff and Becky is to prepare some meals for them, through the meal train. 

Right now it appears that a majority of the March and April dates are full but May and June need to be claimed to keep Jeff and Becky's focus on recovering and rehabbing from the surgeries they needed to overcome their serious injuries.

For those unfamiliar with the meal train system here is how it works from the organization's website:

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM

The post for the Ponto Family meal train says:

Because of the nature of their recovery, they cannot facilitate people coming by and dropping off food, so we are asking that meals get dropped off at Emmanuel Baptist Church and a small group of volunteers will be delivering the meals once a week to the family. We thank you in advance for your support for the Ponto family. MORE DETAILS PLEASE NOTE: The day that you sign up for is not the date the meal will be delivered to the family, it is the week that we are asking for the meals to be prepared and dropped off at Emmanuel Baptist Church.

The meals will be delivered to the family the following Sunday. We are hoping for 3 frozen meals per week. The meals will be for 3 people so they can be on the smaller side (8x8 size pans). Any meats would need to be ground/easy to chew and they require softer foods like noodles (not too long) and rice. Other good options are jello, fruit, cold salads, or soups. All in disposable containers/pans as we don't want to burden the family with getting the containers back to the right owners.

We are asking that if you sign up that your meal be packaged and labeled for the Ponto family and dropped off at Emmanuel Baptist Church before the following Sunday (for example: if I sign up for Wed., March 8th, I need to have my meal to EBC before Sun., March 12) Please make sure that the items are labeled well and list clear instructions for how to reheat if necessary. Once a week we have a group that will be delivering the meals to the Ponto family.

I'm sure whatever you can do for the Ponto Family will be appreciated, and if you aren't a cook you can donate on the families page for gift cards to a restaurant or DoorDash order for the family.

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