Next year Minnesota hosts Super Bowl 52. There needs to be something truly 'Minnesotan' and here's a few great possibilities.

Super Bowl 52 is being hosted by Minnesota at U.S. Bank Stadium next year. The last time Minnesota hosted a Super Bowl was at the Metrodome, and it was the most lame halftime show in history. There's been internet buzz about what should be planned for a Minnesota specific halftime show, and the results are hilarious.

There's a good chance Taylor Swift is going to perform next year, but we'd all prefer something a little closer to our Minnesota roots, so Reddit has users coming up with ideas...

There's some great ideas on Reddit. Everything from Bob Dylan performing on a stage shaped like tater-tot hot dish, to simply a man and wife at a dinner table being passive-aggressive, to no one sets foot on the field because they are all waving the other people to go first.

Whatever they decide on, you can bet it'll be better than 1992's halftime show:

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