A new season of The Bachelorette is airing on ABC. This time around it is all about Hannah B. (or Hanna Beast) from the last season of The Bachelor. Her goal is to find "a fierce love" and probably redeem herself a little from last season. Despite making it fairly far in the competition, she created quite a bit of drama with another beauty pageant queen that was on the show, and she was kinda awkward in front of the camera.

A clip has been shared on Twitter of Hannah explaining to her suitors that she isn't perfect and they shouldn't expect her to be. She just wants everyone to keep it real this season and get ready for an adventure.


If Hannah B. wants a "real" kind of love, why aren't there any men from Minnesota?

Minnesota guys are the best! They're hard workers, they care about others, they are always willing to help someone out when they need it, they are awesome family men. They are as real as real gets!

I went through the bios of all this season's contestants and the closest any of them come is one from Chicago. If Hannah B. wants real, they dropped the ball on not throwing a Minnesota man in the mix.

But the nice, thoughtful, hard working guys don't make drama, fights, and tears, and that is what the show is all about. So it seems that Minnesota boys are just too real and wonderful for reality TV. That's OK though, more for us here in state.

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