As Brittany and I prepare for the baby, yesterday we finally got to hear the baby's heartbeat! It was a very exciting moment. When the doctor put... the device, (fetal doppler?) to Brittany's stomach, we instantly heard the beating of the baby's little heart. We have a busy baby on our hands, you could hear he or she kick a few times and swimming all over the place. That almost put a permanent smile on my face... I had to press my cheeks down, it started to hurt I was smiling so big.

That was a very exciting moment, getting to hear the heartbeat for the first time. About four-five weeks from today, we have an ultrasound and will find out what the sex of the baby is... EVEN MORE EXCITING!!!!

Did you find out what sex your baby was BEFORE the birth or did you wait for the surprise? Comment below how you did it, I'm still battling with if I want to find out or not. Chances are, I will.