When I ran across this today, I thought...WOW! This is something that is really useful. For not only kids, but for anyone that just doesn't know how to do some of those things that Dad's typically can show you how to do, THIS Dad decided to help us out, with how to instructional videos on how to do some basic things everyone needs to learn, but it's especially unique for children without a father figure, and he's changing lives.

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His Channel is called "Dad..How Do I?"   I subscribed! I have a great Dad and he's showed me how to do a lot of things...but I think probably my brother learned most of these things as he spent more time with my Dad outside running the farm than I brother LOVED stuff like why show me when I had no interest in anything besides Barbie Dolls?


Rob Kenney's father left him when he was very young, and says he is doing his best to try to give the most practical, useful, and helpful advice that he knows how to, regarding basic tasks that everyone should know how to do.'s aimed at kids...but like I said...I can learn a lot from this guy.

I found videos that teach you:

  • How to jump start a car
  • How to fix a running toilet
  • Understanding different types of tools
  • How to put up a shelf
  • How to unclog a bathtub drain
  • How to change a tire
  • How to shave your face
  • How to check the air in your tires

There are a lot more as well. What makes these so special? It's that he is an easy going father figure, who makes you feel important. Sort of like The Mr. Rogers of practical knowledge.

Even if your Dad or Grandpa DID show you how to do it, maybe you don't remember? Or you just didn't have an opportunity to try anything out for yourself before you forgot how to do it? You are gonna love this guy!

Now is the perfect time to learn some basic stuff. You can find him by clicking HERE now.


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