I know that in the dead of winter, you may not be thinking about going to a Drive-In restaurant.  However, there is a St. Louis Park location that is being revamped to be open all year long.

The Galaxy Drive-In and the property surrounding it have just been purchased for just under one billion dollars by Luke Derheim of Craft & Crew Hospitality. According to TCBMag.com, the new owner says that they are planning on adding some things to the menu, including beer and wine, but do want to keep the Drive-In and the neighborhood feel.

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Once revamped, the Drive-In will have indoor seating available for about 60 people, and they will also take orders by phone and to-go orders.

Construction on the property is expected to begin in chilly February or March, as they want to have the newly remodeled building open by May or June at the very latest.

According to an article from KSTP-TV, Steve Schussler owned the property for 10 years, and has had very successful restaurants like The Rainforest Cafe in Walt Disney World, but Galaxy was his first local venture in Minnesota. Unfortunately, he never could find the right person to operate Galaxy, so it had opened and closed on several different occasions throughout the years and was never a year-round venture.


The new owners plan on changing the name to 'Wells Roadside,' and offering things like burgers, sandwiches, ice cream, beer, and wine. The location will have a quick-serve concept and a digital ordering platform with no table service.

The new restaurant will be modeled after Gott's Roadside, a northern California chain of restaurants.

Take a look at Galaxy in the video below.


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