This pretty bird is currently in Forest Lake, but is looking for a new house to call home. Roni (short for Macaroni) is a Blue/Gold McCaw parrot and is looking for a calm home with one other male housemate.

'Roni DOES NOT LIKE FEMALES--and will injure himself to drive them away. He can be picked up and held by some men, but when females are in his vision he will bite the man holding him. He is beautiful, loud and needs a calm home with a calm man. NO WOMEN OR CHILDREN!! Not certain how he will do with other animals (besides parrots).

Roni's age isn't known, but McCaw parrots can live to be anywhere from 35-50 years, so adopting one is a huge commitment. Roni's age isn't known, but chances are good Roni will be in their new owners life for a very long time.

Even though Roni is selective about who he lives with, I'm a firm believer that there is the perfect match for every pet in this world. We have all been so isolated this past year, and I know there has got to be one lonely guy out there that could use a gorgeous feathered buddy, and Roni will be right there waiting for him.

Roni's adoption fee is $600, and he is currently under the care of the Parrot Adoption Education Program in Forest Lake, which is a non-profit that helps protect and provide parrots with care and educate owners on their birds. For more information on Roni and the PAEP, check him out on Petfinder.

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