Just last year 'Merica experienced the first total solar eclipse in 99 years. Now we're upping the ante!

January 31st, the world will be treated to the first Super Blue Blood Moon in 150 years!

A what? Super Blue Blood Moon? Sounds like a death metal band!

Atmosphere - Wacken Open Air 2017
They're already scheduled to headline Wacken Open Air (Getty Images)


It's basically three celestial events in one: a "Super Moon," a "Blue Moon," and a total lunar eclipse.


Each of those on their own aren't that abnormal, but all three at once is pretty rare. Like the-last-one-was-in-1886-rare. Then next one is in 2028. So at least you won't have to wait for 150 years (i.e. die and be reborn a few times or something) for the next one if you miss this one.

The best places to see it will be Alaska and the eastern U.S. Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand will get the full-monty of it. Partial phases will be visible in central North America on the morning of the 31st. I guess that's kinda close to us?

Not in the direct path (like most of us)? There's a thing called the Virtual Telescope that will be streaming the event.

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