You don't often put the following words into the same sentence very often, blood, beaver, moon, lunar, and eclipse, but there's a good reason why we are. Next week, the last total lunar eclipse visible in our area for the next 3 years will occur, and here's to hoping the weather will cooperate. says the eclipse will last about 85 minutes on November 8, Election Day, and will turn the moon a "reddish-copper" color during the event. The celestial event will be visible, according to, "from North America and parts of South America, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand."

If you are wondering about the name, Beaver Blood Moon, the full moon in each month has a name associated with it, and November's full moon is often referred to as the beaver moon. The blood part of the name comes from the color the moon is expected to turn, that reddish-copper color due to the eclipse.

The total lunar eclipse is scheduled to happen in the early morning hours on Tuesday November 8th, from 4:17 AM and going until about 5:42 AM according to both and NASA.

If you are hoping to catch a glimpse of the beaver blood moon next week, you won't need any special equipment like a telescope, as long as the skies are clear.

The forecast for Monday night and Tuesday next week calls for partly cloudy skies Monday night with the chance for showers on Tuesday, here's hoping those get pushed back a day so we can enjoy the total lunar eclipse.

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