The coolest way to learn the story of Minneapolis' history, is on a segway.

I saw that Pete and Cindy from the 98 Country Morning Show shared with you their tour of Minneapolis on a segway, but being the "kid" neither of them ever wanted, they left me out. Thanks, guys.

They were right though, the tour that Minnesota Segway Tours and Rentals provide is top notch.

The tour guides provide great instruction for first time riders, which myself and about 25-others of my co-workers were. It didn't stop there, the tour guides were fun, energetic and knowledgeable of Minneapolis' "Mills District".

I learned things on this tour that I had zero clue about before. For example, "General Mills" built their factory directly across the river from "Pillsbury" on purpose, kind of like that Twix commercial, just to eye their main competitor. That barley scratches the surface of what this tour offers.

Matt Fallon

The above picture is from inside the "General Mills" factory, directly across from "Pillsbury". The mill is no longer operational, but has since been transformed into the "Mill City Museum" which I plan to visit again and take the full tour of just that building.

The sights on this tour of bridges, historic homes and the education you'll get all while riding on a segway was absolutely phenomenal!

Matt Fallon

Outside view of "General Mills"

Matt Fallon

Inside "General Mills"

Matt Fallon

If you are looking for something to do as a family. This is it! It was so much fun, I can't say enough how much fun the tour guides were and how great their directions are for people getting on a segway for the first time.

Minnesota Segway Tours and Rentals offer three different tours and I plan on hitting the other two very soon. Check these guy out at their awesome website... human on a and then go make some memorize with your family.