The Minnesota DNR has a great idea for getting some fresh air, exercise, and using your brain without having to lock up your smartphone.


A few years ago my cousin was always taking his kids geocaching. He really enjoyed it, and his kids liked the thrill of the hunt.

What is Geocaching?

It's like a real-life role-playing adventure game, minus the orcs (hopefully). The treasure ("cache") you're hunting is usually a box containing a trinket for trading or a log book to sign. The cool thing about geocaching is that you can combine technology and nature!


The adventurers can use a GPS-enabled smartphone to get you close to the location of the "cache." Your adventure skills take it from there.

Where Do People Geocache?

All over the place! State parks have geocache events. Many state parks will even provide you with a GPS device. You can even stash your own geocache in state park...with the proper permit, of course!

Read more about geocaching on the Minnesota DNR's website. Hope to see you out there this summer!

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