Good morning loyal country classic fans and welcome to the 98 Country Classic Show.  You can join me every Sunday between 9 am and 1 pm for the best in country classic music.  We’re on air at 98.1 FM Minnesota’s New Country, online and on your mobile device.  Today we’re going to offer you a bonus of the most requested songs from the radio show featuring George Jones, Tom T. Hall, Dottie West, Alabama and Tammy Wynette.



George Jones – “Still Doin’ Time” - 1981




Still Doin’ Time is a song written by John Moffatt and Michael Heeney and recorded by George Jones.  This tune is George’s eighth number one country single.


  • Lady Diana Spencer marries Charles, the Prince of Wales
  • The first flight of the Space Shuttle Columbia took place.
  • It was in this year that the word 'internet' was mentioned
  • MS-DOS was released by Microsoft along with the first IBM P.C.

Has it been a year since the last time I’ve seen her, my God I could swear it was ten



Tom T. Hall – “Ravishing Ruby” - 1973



Ravishing Ruby is a song written and recorded by Tom T. Hall, also known as The Great Story Teller.  Released in 1973 as a single, the song peaked at number three on the Billboard Hot Country Singles Chart.


  • A cease fire is signed that officially ended involvement of American ground troops in the Vietnam War on January 28th
  • The Watergate hearing begins in the senate where President Richard Nixon tells the nation, “I am not a crook.’
  • The Sears tower opens in Chicago
  •  Monica Lewinsky was born July 23rd.

Ravishing Ruby, she’d been around for a while, ravishing Ruby, she was a truck stop child, born in the back of a Rig somewhere near L. A.



Dottie West – “Here Comes My Baby” - 1964




Here Comes My Baby was co-written and recorded by Dottie West.  She wrote the song with her then husband, Bill West.  The song made it to number ten on the Billboard Country Chart.


  • Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life imprisonment in South Africa on June 11th
  • Jack Ruby was convicted of murder in the slaying of Lee Harvey Oswald
  • A gallon of gas was $0.30.

Here comes more tears to cry, here comes more heartaches, here comes my baby back again.



Alabama – “Born Country” - 1992




Born Country was written by Byron Hill and John Schweers and recorded by the country band Alabama.  The song topped out at number two on the country chart. The song won an ASCAP Award for being among the most performed country song in 1992.


  • The first nicotine patch is introduced to help stop smoking
  • DNA fingerprinting is invented.

Clear creeks and cool mountains, mornin’s honest work out in the fields, cornbread in my momma’s kitchen.



Tammy Wynette – “Singin’ My Song” - 1969




Tammy Wynette co-wrote this song with Billy Sherrill and Glen Sutton.  The song spent two weeks at number one on the country chart.


  • The first man from the United States landed on the moon on July 20th.
  • Monthly rent was $135.00
  • Hurricane Camille hits Mississippi coast killing 248 people.

Here’s a song I love to sing, it’s about the man that wears my ring.



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