Good morning and welcome to the 98.1 Country Classic Radio Show.  We're on air at 98.1 FM Minnesota's New Country, online and on your mobile device starting at 9 AM.  Today we'll offer your five of the most requested songs from the 98.1 Country Classic Radio Show.  We're featuring John Anderson, a duet from Kenny Rogers and Dottie West, Tanya Tucker, Gene Watson and Waylon Jennings.



John Anderson - "Wild and Blue" - 1982



Wild and Blue is a song written by John Sherrill and recorded by John Anderson.  The song was released in September of 1982 from the album of the same name.  The single went to number one for two weeks and spent eleven weeks on the country chart.

News & Events from 1982:

  • The Equal Rights amendment fails ratification on June 30th.
  • The advances in technology gained speed in 1982, the shift is so significant that Time Magazine names the 'computer' as the person of the year, no kidding!
  • The Epcot theme park at Walt Disney World opens to the public for the first time.

Way across town a phone rings off the wall, if you know he ain't home why do you keep callin'.



Dottie West and Kenny Rogers - "What Are We Doin' in Love" - 1981




This song is written by Randy Goodrum and recorded as a duet by Dottie West and Kenny Rogers.  It was the duo's third and final number one on the country chart.  The song was released in March of 1981.

News & Events from 1981:

  • Pope John Paul II  was wounded by a gunman on May 13th in Vatican City
  • Iran releases 52 American hostages who had been held for 444 days
  • The introduction of the first frequent flyer miles took place.

We're like summer and winter, we're not all alike, we're like satin and cinders.



Tanya Tucker - "Here's Some Love" 1976




This song is written by Richard Mainegra and Jack Roberts and recorded by Tanya Tucker.  Here's Some Love was released in June of 1976.  The song peaked at number one on the country chart.

News & Events from 1976:

  • US Supreme Court rules that blacks and other minorities are entitled to retroactive job seniority on March 24th.
  • One year after Microsoft is formed, Apple is formed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak
  • A gallon of gas was 59 cents.

I been watchin' you crying when you do, I just feel like dyin', I could give you somethin' that would ease your mind.



Gene Watson - "Farewell Party" - 1979



Farewell Party is written by Charlie Williams and recorded by Gene Watson.  It was released in February of 1979.  The song reached number five on the Billboard Hot Country Singles Chart.

News & Events from 1979:

  • The Three Mile Island nuclear accident occurred after a fire at a reactor in Pennsylvania.
  • ESPN television network was launched on cable television -- ABC TV network purchased the cable network in 1984
  • Sony introduces the Sony walkman costing $200.00.

When the last breath of life is gone from my body and my lips are as cold as the sea.



Waylon Jennings - "Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line" - 1968



Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line is written by Jimmy Bryant and recorded by Waylon Jennings.  It was released in July of 1968.  The song spent eighteen weeks on the Hot Country Singles Chart, peaking at number two.

News & Events from 1968:

  • Martin Luther King is slain in Memphis on April 4th
  • Sen. Robert Kennedy is shot and critically wounded in a Los Angles hotel after winning the California Primary June 5th, he dies June 6th.
  • Aristotle Onassis and Jacqueline Kennedy marry, shocking the world
  • Federal hourly minimum wage is $1.60 an hour.

Everybody knows you've been steppin' on my toes and I'm gettin' pretty tired of it.



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