When you get asked the question, "If you WON 30 Grand, how would you spend it?" There are several ways to answer that and many ways anyone and everyone could come up with to spend it. Betting you already came up with a few ideas.

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Actually I did ask that just the other day on Facebook:

There were several different ideas that were shared with the more common answers of, taking a vacation, putting the money towards bills, going  on a shopping spree, getting a new vehicle and even putting it towards a down payment on a new home all given.

ALL great answers, because these are wants for most of us. But what really stood out to me were the many in Central Minnesota who had a little more unique answers. How they would spend 30 grand, isn't so much spending it, as more giving it away.

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Here are the Kind Ways Central Minnesotans Would Spend 30 Grand:

  • Becky M. answered - "I would like to add on a 3 season porch for my mom so I can care for her in her upcoming years..."+
  • Sheila H. answered - "I'd give some of it to the cancer society and get back on my feet again after having cancer".
  • Chrystal F. answered - "To get my nonprofit supervised visitation and parent education center up and running!"
  • Sarah R. answered - "I would stick half away in a CD at the bank for my two kids..."
  • Melissa C. answered - "I have 6 kids so I would give each 5 and see what they do!"
  • Twyla G. answered - "Split it between grandchildren"
  • Dennis H. answered - ".....help others"
  • Kathy S. answered - "Helping People"
  • Kathy G. answered - "I would start the business the Lord gave to me Natural Health through scans and natural remedies to help the elderly come off medications and be able to survive on a fixed income instead of giving all of their income to the pharmacy.

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