Sartell can be a great place to live in central Minnesota with many great qualities. They've got a new high school, community center and lots of walking trails. If you're from Sartell, people will assume certain things about you, whether it's true or not. Here are 7 things that people who aren't from Sartell think about people who are.

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1. They host awesome garage sales. Their "junk" looks like the things my Pinterest board is filled with. You can find some real gems.

2. They're rich. Of course, they probably aren't all rich, but they do have some amazingly huge houses, especially by the new high school.

3. Everyone has an inground sprinkler system. Have you seen the grass in Sartell? Does anyone have a brown lawn?

4. They really care about education. The new high school is amazing. It doesn't look like a high school. It looks like some state of the art science center.

5. They love walking and jogging. Most cities are filled with people who love to walk and jog in the summer, but in Sartell you'll find them out and about even in the winter months.

6. They like coffee and smoothies. For real. They've got Sartell Vibe, Liquid Assets, Caribou, Rock Solid and probably more coffee and smoothie places we're missing on this list.

7. They decorate well. Have you been to Realtor.Com? Just look inside some of the homes listed for sale right now. Some of them look like magazine homes.

8. They all care about hockey. They're getting a new ice arena, they have a development called The Wilds (it's not about the hockey team but, it sounds like it). Several of their local businesses support youth hockey and athletics.

If you're from Sartell, how many of these assumptions are actually true for you?

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