Nothing is more important to us than keeping our family safe. Here are eight things we can do to make sure 2019 is the safest year yet.

Thanks to the team at the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, it's not too late to commit to some 2019 resolutions that will keep our family safe in the New Year. Here are their Big-8:

  1. Put away the distractions and drive.
  2. Plan a sober ride for every holiday and party throughout the year.
  3. Secure your load every time you’re on the road.
  4. Be ready for disasters with a kit, a plan and ways to stay connected.
  5. Always wear your safety gear when riding your motorcycle.
  6. Make sure underage drinkers aren’t getting alcohol.
  7. Call 811 two business days before you start any project in your yard that involves digging.

They seem simple enough, but of course we actually need to resolve to doing them. I'm in! Who's with me?

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