Sure, folks in the Twin Cities have some of these traits too -- but there's nothing like our friends and neighbors in small town Minnesota. (And once you get out of the Cities, just about all of Minnesota is 'small town.')

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    They're friendly.

    This is the official home of 'Minnesota Nice.'

    Whether you're in Foley, Cold Spring, Pierz, Annandale, Sauk Rapids, or Rice -- you're bound to get a big, heaping dose of friendly ('cause that's how we roll in Minnesota).

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    They help each other out.

    At a time of need, Minnesotans have each others' backs.

    It kind of goes along with friendly, but this takes it one step further by actually doing someone for someone when they need it. Get a flat tire in Holdingford or Milaca -- and somebody's probably going to stop to help you change it.

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    Kenneth Sponsler/ThinkStock

    They have a strong sense of hometown pride.

    If you don't believe me, you haven't been to a high school hockey, football or basketball game lately.

    Seriously, Minnesotans are CRAZY about their hometowns. Even if they move away -- they never lose that special place in their heart for Saint Joe, Becker, Paynesville or wherever they're from.

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    They are tough.

    Tough and resilient. Knock 'em down and they get back up and keep going.

    Small town Minnesotans are one touch bunch. Whether it's working outside when it's 20-below, or picking themselves back up when they get knocked down -- you can count on this bunch to keep going.

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    They appreciate the outdoors.

    Winter, spring, summer or fall -- they know how to celebrate the Minnesota outdoors.

    From fishing to snowmobiling, skiing to hunting, and boating to biking -- Minnesotans have a strong love of the great outdoors. Add a campfire or lake land we'll never want to come inside.

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    Ryan McVay/ThinkStock

    They celebrate 'family.'

    Minnesotans are a tight-knit bunch, and nothing is tighter than family.

    Without family, who would bring the green jello with shredded carrots in it? Who would take you to school when you miss the bus? Who would tell you when you're zipper's down.

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    They're hard workers.

    Small town Minnesotans aren't afraid to roll up their sleeves, and get their hands dirty.

    Small town Minnesotans have little patience for slackers. We're a hard-working bunch that expect the same of others. Early to bed, early to rise -- because there's a lot of work to do.

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    Barbara Lewin/ThinkStock

    They know how to celebrate!

    Nowhere on earth are small-town celebrations & festivals a bigger deal.

    Work hard, play hard -- and small town Minnesotans have got it covered. From festivals and celebrations, to another holiday party; let's do this! (BYOB, and green jello with shredded carrots in it.)

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