The hours aren't great, and sometimes you see the worst of people, but for those who work in the hospitality industry oftentimes the most rewarding part is interacting with the customers and regulars. Having those back-and-forth moments with your favorite server or bartender can turn your day around. Here's a salute to everyone that is working in or for a small-town bar/restaurant.

Thanks to the bartender/server working the open-to-close double shift. You patiently wait for customers to order, and take it on the chin with those who are 'in a rush'. Large tables with screaming kids would make most cringe, but not you, this isn't anything compared to what you dealt with at the meat raffle and horse races last week.

Image Credit: Drew Murphy via unsplash
Image Credit: Drew Murphy via unsplash

Shout out to the guys working in the back of the house in the kitchen area. It's hot, noisy work but you carry on. Making flatbreads, wraps, and sandwiches while also helping to keep the bar stocked, and the kitchen clean.

Image Credit: Meg Boulden via Unsplash
Image Credit: Meg Boulden via Unsplash

Cheers to the small-town bar/restaurant owners. You seem to be the open-to-close bartender when someone calls in and you are also putting time in the kitchen as it's been tough these last 4 years to find staff.

A big thank you to all the regulars who make those barstools and tables a second home, you play pull tabs, tip more than 40% regularly, and often lend a hand when things get a little crazy.

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Finally the real hero of a small-town bar/restaurant is the popcorn machine. You've seen it all over the years from bar proposals, bad break-ups, maybe a fight or two, and of course all of the laughs. You are often the first thing people go for when they arrive, and everyone has an opinion on what mix of popping kernels, salt, oil/butter makes the best batch.

Take a moment in 2024 to stop in and enjoy a meal or beverage at one of our area small-town bars/restaurants.

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