The next time you make a trip down to the Mall of America, be on the lookout for one of 75,000 Ladybugs that were released inside of it on Earth Day. It sounds like an accident gone wrong but it is actually a 'green' effort by MOA.

The building uses the bugs as a natural pesticide to help keep the 30,000 live plants they have alive and healthy.

Adult Ladybugs eat aphids, mealybugs and other destructive insect pests. They also lay their eggs among what they eat so the babies can feed on the insects, too! So by releasing them into the park area of the mall, they are helping keep pests away without the use of harsh chemicals.

75,000 bugs seems like a lot, but in a building so big that it has its own zip code, you probably won't even notice the little critters hard at work!

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