Last week we had a whirlwind of potential economic relief. First, we didn't know what we would get. Then it was determined to be $600, and then President Trump didn't like the plan and wanted Americans to get $2,000. Then we were left in limbo over Christmas, and now it sounds like we are getting $600 after all. The real stimulus tough might have the Tweets and memes we got from the drama.

2020 has been awful, and the only way we are going to get through it is to laugh and lean on each other for support. My dad and I have a running joke where we save useless things like coupons to obscure places and gift them to each other saying "they spend just like cash". The influx of memes and my own joke with my dad got me thinking, "what else spends like cash that could substitute a stimulus check in St. Cloud?" Here is what I came up with.

7 Things That Spend Like a Stimulus Check in St. Cloud

In all seriousness, get out and support local businesses in any way you can. Even if it is just liking or sharing their posts on social media. Every little bit of support is appreciated.

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