I've been doing my part to stop the spread of COVID-19 by broadcasting from home and self isolating myself and family. It's not easy to hunker down and stay home, especially when you've got kids that are easily bored. I've been trying my hardest to keep my 2-year-old entertained and I thought I'd pass along some of the things we've been doing to help inspire you.

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    Do a science experiment

    My son Charlie has been really into dinosaurs and volcanoes lately. So, I realized we had some vinegar, baking soda, dish soap and food coloring laying around the house. We mixed up the combination and made our own volcanic eruption. He thought it was the coolest thing ever.

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    Enjoy nature

    The snow is pretty much melted and Minnesota is home to so many walking trails. We've gone on several walks together as a family and the fresh air has helped get our mind off of the virus.

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    Bake something new

    My family is a crew of mall rats. We love hanging out at the mall and enjoying all the tastes and smells of the food court. We're missing soft pretzels like crazy right now, so we make our own. We'd never tried making them before, and to our surprise, they turned out great. Check out the recipe here.

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    Pen a letter to a friend

    Who doesn't love getting mail when it's not bills or junk mail? My son colored a cute letter to his cousin Cali. It's the first hand-crafted letter he's ever sent out. He loved coloring the picture and decorating it with stickers. I think we've found a new hobby for him. He also really loved putting his picture in the mailbox.

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    Get your neighborhood involved

    In our neighborhood, we've got a lot of kids. So, we've all banned together to decorate pictures of Easter eggs and display them in our windows. Then, when kids go on walks they're challenged to find as many Easter eggs as they can. It's a 'self isolation' friendly egg hunt for the kids. We participated in it yesterday and had a blast.

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    Take a drive somewhere new and secluded

    My son LOVES dinosaurs (have I mentioned that?) This past weekend we took a drive to Big Lake to see the dinosaur statue they've got. No one else was there and it was something fun that Charlie enjoyed.

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    Teach your kids about your job

    When I was a kid, I used to love 'take your kid to work day'. I learned so much about what my parents did for a living and it helped me understand their jobs better. This is a good opportunity to get your kids involved with your job and help them understand what you do. It's a great learning experience.

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