In case you’re planning to go to the Minnesota State Fair, I thought I’d warn you against making a big mistake! You need to think long and hard about the person you plan to take with you to the fair. If you bring the wrong buddy, you could end up regretting it big time! Here are a few types of people to avoid bringing with you!

Food hogs-Food is expensive at the Minnesota State Fair. The goal should be to sample as much of it as you can. That’s why you should bring people with you that will let you share and sample their food too. That way you all get to try everything. Plus, the portions are usually so big that they’re meant to be shared.

Picky eaters-If you’ve promised to share your food with a picky eater, you’re not going to get the true state fair experience. You’ll be too busy making sure you’re buying things that they will also like, that you’ll miss out on all of that flavor! You should be sampling unique foods, and not just eating chicken strips and french fries no matter how good that may sound–save your money and get that at McDonald’s.

Cheap people-There’s nothing worse than wanting to go to all of the exhibits, play games AND eat as much food as you can when you’re at the fair with someone who doesn’t want to spend a dime. There are a lot of free things to do at the fair, but it should be a good balance.

Impatient people-If you’re with someone who hates standing in line and waiting for things, then don’t bring them. The fair is just one giant line–your buddy will be miserable.

Moochers-This is the worst type of person to bring with you! They want to enjoy all aspects of the fair but on your dime! They’ll sample your cheese curds, Pronto Pup, french fries and candy bar on a stick and they won’t return the favor at all!

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