My boyfriend and I have been trying to get into Topgolf in Brooklyn Center since it opened last fall. The place is crazy busy most weekends and nights, but we finally got in on a Friday at 10:45 pm when it was 8 below zero. Go figure. We still had a great time and can't wait to go back when it is a little bit warmer.

Here are 5 things that I thought would be helpful to know before you go Topgolfing for the first time!


1. There are heaters, but you are still outside - They have heaters over each golfing bay, and they help. But you are still outside in the Minnesota elements.

2. They serve food and drinks - There are PLENTY of drink options. Plus if you get hungry golfing, they have a wide variety on their food menu! 

3. You can make reservations a week in advance - There are fees depending on the day and time you want to go. Hot times will cost you. There are a bunch of options for which bays you want to rent for your group as well!

4. You need a membership - A "lifetime membership" is $5 when you first play, and is a one time cost. It's how you enter your scores into the system. You can opt in for more expensive ones, but the basic is all you need.

5. Blankets are allowed - If you're golfing in the winter, you'll want to dress appropriately. They also allow blankets so you can keep warm when you're not swinging.

Bonus Bit of Info: Bay cost depends on what time of day you go. It'll range from $30 - $45 an hour,and you pay by the hour, not person. So if you have 6 people in your bay, it'll be split 6 ways. Makes for an affordable night or day out!

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