If 2020 had been any other year, we would be getting ready for county fair season. It really hits its stride mid-July to mid-August as the state fair looms in the near future.

2020 isn't like other years though, and fairs aren't happening. I am a die-hard fairgoer and to cope with the fact that I can't be at ANY this year I decided to compile a list of the things that I will not miss about the Benton County Fair*.

*This is applicable to all county fairs and the state fair. I use Benton County as an example because that was the one I was most looking forward to this year.

98.1 Listeners Share What They Won't Miss About Attending the County Fair:

Jodi: It won't take me 45 minutes to get home from my job which is 15 minutes away from my home. (I live right next to the fairgrounds.)

Eric: Won't miss the people who reserve their seat hours in advance with blankets and then disappear until the minute the grandstand event starts.

Niquia: The traffic !and random people walking in front of you. A plus is I'm less tempted to spend money

Tamela: The constant walking

Trista: My kids bugging to go to it lol. I live a few blocks away from fairgrounds. They think since they hear it going they have to go to fair.

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