We've got THUNDERSTORMS in the forecast today and tomorrow. It's just the beginning of March and we're already getting May-like weather! I for one, love thunder storms for a variety of reasons.

1. Better sleep-I don't know about you, but I always get my best sleep during a thunderstorm. I will crack my bedroom window slightly to let in the soothing sounds of rain. It's so relaxing!

2. Green grass-Thunderstorms produce a lot of rain, and rain is exactly what we need to make the grass turn green again and make the trees bloom. Nothing says "spring" better than seeing patches of green grass everywhere!

3. Excuse to binge Netflix-I've got so many shows to catch up on, on Netflix. (Breaking Bad, Fuller House, etc.) Sometimes, a thunderstorm is the perfect excuse to relax inside the house, curled up with your favorite blanket while watching your favorite shows.

4. I get inside projects done-As much as I don't like doing laundry, I usually get it done when it's raining. There's something peaceful about folding nice warm sheets while the cool breeze and soothing sounds of the storm are coming in through the window. Plus, you're stuck inside anyway--why not make the best of it?

5. It's a good time for cooking-Rain has a way of cooling everything down. I like having a nice warm cozy house. Thunderstorms are my perfect excuse to use the oven! I typically make a batch of cookies, or bake cupcakes. You'll be making the best of your time indoors while also heating up your house. Plus, you will get a delicious dessert out of it too!

In the words of Luke Bryan, "rain is a good thing!"