Have you ever wondered what the most viewed videos of St. Cloud Minnesota are about?  What's St. Cloud's reputation like? When someone searches for our town on YouTube, here's what they see. These videos are pretty crazy. Take a look and see for yourself.

1. CCTV of Officer Stopping Mall Rampage in St Cloud, MN | Active Self Protection (278k views): This video shows how to protect yourself in a situation like the mall stabbing that happened in 2016.

2. A Rare Look in St. Cloud's Prison (62k views): It's not often the public gets a glimpse of what's behind the St. Cloud Prison walls, but in this video you can see what life is like for the inmates.

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3. St. Cloud Quarries Minnesota (52.5K views): This is a really cool video shot by a group of friends in 2013 while they enjoy a nice summer day at the Quarries.

4. Authorities Release Video of St. Cloud Mall Stabbing (20k views): This video is the footage obtained through security cameras in the mall that shows the events that went down during the mall stabbing.

5. St. Cloud Superman, Summer 2011 (19k+ views): This video is an interview with "St. Cloud Superman" done by WJON News in the summer of 2011.

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