Spring is just around the corner, so that means Graduation Season as well. Lots of young adults (and plenty of adults as well!) are planning on going to college this year, so here's a list of why someone should consider Minnesota for their education!

Maybe you're thinking about where to go for college. This is a VERY important life decision! Careers often start from a college education, and where you go could be the difference for starting something new. Well, if it's you or someone you know who needs the convincing, here's 5 good reasons why everyone should study in Minnesota!

  1. Over 200 Colleges - There are over 200 colleges in Minnesota. That means, you have plenty to choose from! Whether it be big-campus, or small technical colleges, Minnesota has lots of options.
  2. Great Education Records - Minnesota is always topped as one of the highest states in education every year. The standards are high here, and we are very proud of it!
  3. Landscape – Minnesota has a natural beauty to her landscape. We’ve got trees, forests, lakes, hills, and valleys. You can find anything you want in our state – including multiple waterfalls to keep the young minds busy.
  4. Clean – Everyone can agree that Minnesota has very “clean streets”. We have moderately low crime rates, and neighborhoods come together to make sure our state is a great place to get an education and feel safe!
  5. Community – The Midwest has always been known as a great place to raise a family. But Minnesota is KNOWN for being nice. The nation calls it being “Minnesota-Nice”, which we own with pride! Our communities are always there to help one another, so out of state-ers can always feel welcome!

Check out this time lapse video of life at the University of Minnesota!

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