The 4th of July Holiday is just around the corner and many people are getting fireworks to celebrate the holiday, but not all of them are legal in the state of Minnesota, here is what to avoid.

The Minnesota State Fire Marshal has a list online that clearly lays out what is and what is not allowed to be used in the state. Sparklers, fountains, and novelty fireworks like poppers and snakes are just fine, but you'll want to stay away from the following if your goal is to stay legal.

Between 2009 and 2018 there have been 558 fireworks incidents that have resulted in over $3.9 million in damage, and over 720 fireworks-related injuries, in which 71% of those were males.

Basically, anything that flies or explodes is forbidden in the state by law.

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5 Types of Fireworks That Are Illegal in Minnesota

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