It's easy to get caught up in the cold weather blues. We've been lucky enough to dodge the cold weather so far this year, but we know that we're inevitably doomed. However, it won't last long once it happens because spring isn't too far off. If you don't believe me, just look at the countdown!

  • 20 days until Thanksgiving-That's like next week...not really, but it feels like it! Start gathering up your ingredients and coming up with your grocery list now. The early bird gets the worm and avoids long grocery store lines later!
  • 21 days until Black Friday--It's my favorite holiday. I love waking up super early with the women in my family, spending the entire day together shopping for each other!
  • 52 days until Christmas--You've got some time to go from the naughty list to nice list if you start working on it right now. I wouldn't wait too long because it's right around the corner.
  • 67 days until 2017--It'll go by pretty fast, too. I'd start thinking about your New Year's resolution now.
  • 139 days until spring--It's hard to believe that spring isn't too far away considering how spring like the weather has felt so far! What did we do to get so lucky!

We just need to get through another 139 days and we're smooth sailing from there! Plus, how awesome is it that we'll be in a turkey paradise in just 20 days?! That's what I'm talking about!


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