If you are wondering what happened to the annual Gun and Outdoors Show held at Pine Technical and Community College, you didn't miss it, the organizers moved it this year to April to avoid the tough winter weather. It seems the weather followed the show, but don't worry the doors will be open and there will be a raffle too.

According to the online event there is really something for any avid outdoors person to enjoy at this year's show.

40th Annual PTCC Gun show

April 1, 8-5pm & April 2, 9-3pm
Admission $5.00 Cash only
Raffle tickets are available for $5 until the drawing at 2PM on Sunday
Prizes are: 4 classic Winchester firearms
*model 90 22LR
*model 85 low wall in 22 WCF
*model 94 in 30-30
*model 97 12 gauge shotgun and a Vortex scope.
Students restored the firearms and actions will be color case hardened and the rest reblued and stocks refinished.
The PTCC gun show is one of the largest annual gun shows in the state with 2000 attendees and is ran by the PTCC Outdoor Club.
The gun show supports student learning activities by giving outdoor club members an opportunity to run a customer facing event and learn the logistics of vendor setup and customer service.
100 vendors are expected and the Outdoors Club is always looking for more as they expand into more outdoor activities such as fishing, camping and resorts.
All firearm sales must follow local, state and federal laws, including applicable background checks by dealers.
All the proceeds from the show are returned to the students in the form of activity funding and scholarships.

You can find the event at Pine Technical and Community College located at 900 4th Street SE in Pine City.

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