It's a big holiday for baseball fans in Minnesota--Twins opening day! Fans will surely have a great time despite rain in the forecast. Here are some things to keep in mind if you're headed to the home opener today. For those of you watching at home, it all kicks off at 3 p.m.

1. Bring a poncho--While you are allowed to bring umbrellas in the stadium, you can't use them in the seating area--you'd obstruct the view for people behind you. So, instead stay dry by bringing a poncho. You can usually get one of these at the dollar store. Remember to bring it into the stadium with you because there's no reentry if you forget it in the car.

2. You're allowed to bring in your own snacks and water bottles. It's true, and that's why I love baseball. Instead of paying a small fortune for a water bottle at the concession stand, bring your own water bottle and use your money for something cheese curds or mini doughnuts. Make sure your water bottle is completely sealed when you bring it into the stadium. Otherwise, they might make you toss it.


3. You can bring your own seat cushion. This comes in handy sometimes when there's a rain delay and you're sitting in the metal bleachers for hours on end. Protect your tush and bring a seat cushion. Just make sure your chair support doesn't contain any metal frames that could possibly damage the bleachers.

4. If it does rain, head into one of the restaurants for a while. Target Field has a variety of restaurants you can enjoy while keeping dry. Minnie & Paul's is a Twins-themed pub open to all guests. There are a variety of other restaurants reserved for special ticket holders.

And, remember that it's opening day! Nothing can rain on your parade, even if it does rain. Enjoy the day and GO TWINS!

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