ST. CLOUD -- Families who live in parts of south St. Cloud are going to have a harder time getting their kids to Tech High School for a few weeks.

The final phase of the 33rd Street South road construction project is not yet ready to open. Project Engineer Steve Ryynanen says it won't be open yet when the school year starts and there will be a detour for a few weeks yet...

Things were starting off a little bit slow because of some utilities. There were some conflicts on the front end, but we've had a good summer. They've been able to make up some ground and we are scheduled to open sometime in mid-September. That's weather-permitting moving forward at this point.

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Ryynanen says the project was scheduled to continue through late September, but the dry conditions this summer allowed them to make up ground and actually get ahead of schedule.

This final section of 33rd Street was going to be challenging according to Ryynanen because of the wetlands in the area, but those same dry conditions prevented crews from having to remove as much water as previously thought.

We were planning on having to do significant de-watering which nature took care of that for us. That was able to keep construction areas high and dry for the most part. That was a big plus for us this year.

Crews are working on turf restoration and will be putting down the final layer of pavement before reopening the road to traffic.


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