I'm turning 30 this month and it's coming up fast. Not only am I entering a new decade, it's also my golden birthday. I really wanted to spend my 29th year making personal changes to help me grow and make me a stronger person.

I've been able to accomplish many of my goals...but, I want my last month to really push me out of my comfort zone and propel me into good habits that I can hopefully carry into my next decade.

I want to share my goals with you for two reasons...1, to help keep me on track and give me some motivation to stick with it and 2, I hope that maybe something on my list inspires you to make changes you've been wanting to make. I think we can do these things together.

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1. Spend quality time with my family being present. Being in the same room as your family isn't the same as being present with your family. I want my family to have my undivided attention.

2. Leave social media for 30 days. This is just aiding in being more present with my family. I took social media off of my phone so I can't check it while I'm with my family at night.

3. Workout every day for 30 days. This doesn't need to be an intense workout either. My goal is to move my body more...even if that looks like a quick daily walk around my neighborhood once a day. I don't go to bed until I've checked this off the list.

4. Join a women's group. I think there's something empowering about surrounding yourself with a sisterhood that supports you and is there to talk about struggles you're going through.

5. Attend a religious service. I want to strengthen my spirituality.

6. Don't spend unnecessary money. This one is going to be hard for me. I love shopping at the mall with my mom on the weekend. Most of my paycheck goes right to candles and lotions.

7. Get a financial consultant and start investing. I think it's important to start thinking about retirement...I should have done this way earlier...but, at least I'm doing it now.

8. Don't speak ill of anyone or anything. I think Facebook breads a lot of negativity lately and I can get caught up in the drama. I'm really trying to filter my thoughts and only put good vibes into the world.

9. Spend time journaling. I used to journal ALL. OF. THE. TIME. as a kid. Somehow I got away from it. I'd love to be able to look back at my life from time to time to see my growth.

10. Plan weekly date nights at home with my husband. It's easy to make up excuses for why you can't do these...COVID, nothing is open, you're too busy, etc. But, I think it's important to spend quality time together once a week with no distractions or excuses.

11. Cook at home for 30 days, no eating out of the home. This one has been easier to do because of the pandemic...but, it's still tough.

12. Make a fancy dinner with my family once a week. I'm all about that quick frozen pizza or crock pot meal during the week...but, it's nice to spend time cooking and using fresh ingredients with the family.

13. Find my 30's style. I think personally I'm changing, and I'd like my outfits to be a reflection of that change. Plus, I get to shop!

14. Drink more water...a lot more. I'm terrible at this...but, I've been intentional about making sure I get this done every day.

15. Take better care of my skin. I always wash my face, etc. But, sometimes I'm bad at moisturizing or using the right kind of products that repair my skin.

16. Potty train my 2-year-old. It's tough, but I think we're both ready for this one.

17. Go hiking with my family once a week. We found an activity we all love, and we're making a commitment to do that thing together every week.

18. Spend time each day reading. I hated reading as a kid, but as an adult, I love it. This one is easy to blow off at the end of the day...but, instead of turning on the TV, I open a book.

19. Travel alone. I'm an extrovert and I need people. But, I think having the experience of traveling alone is something I need to at least try once.

20. No sweets. I've cut out the sugar...actually, this one I've been doing since March.

21. Review my goals daily. It's easy to forget them...so writing down goals and reviewing them daily is so helpful when it comes to accomplishing them.

22. Keep a very clean home. I'm pretty good at this one already, but I've been doing super deep cleaning lately.

23. Finish decorating my living room/kitchen. I've lived in my house for six years and it looks like we've just moved in...I need to put art on the walls and pop some color.

24. Use my sewing machine. My husband bought me a sewing machine in November for our anniversary. I really wanted to get into it...but, I haven't touched the machine yet.

25. Help my husband build a deck. Woodworking sounds fun to me. I want to get into that hobby and I think helping build a deck is a great place to start.

26. Host a dinner party. I've never actually hosted a multiple coarse dinner party in my life with fancy plates and appetizers. I'm putting this on the list this month.

27. Go to a winery. I love wine, but I've never been to a winery...it's on my list.

28. Find a way to volunteer with an organization I care about. I've volunteered short term with many organizations but I want to find one I can help out with for the long haul.

29. Say yes to something I normally wouldn't. I'm really good at avoiding situations that don't sound appealing to me...watching a sports game on TV, eating a food that sounds strange, etc. But, I want to say yes to one thing this month that I normally would say no to.

30. Don't put off anything until tomorrow that I can do today. I'm trying to act immediately when I have the thought. I used to say, 'I can do the dishes tomorrow morning', but now the second I have the thought, "I should do the dishes before bed", I do the dishes before bed, period.

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