I know we are rolling into autumn, the leaves are changing colors, and we are starting to get those crisp feeling evenings and mornings. But a new survey just dropped and it featured 3 Minnesota cities being listed as Most Desirable Summer Locations for Retirees. I guess the term snowbird isn't used for this type of traveler right?

IRAInvesting.com "surveyed 3,000 retirees asking them, hypothetically, what their ultimate retirement destination/s combinations are, with some very interesting results."

The top destination/combination according to this survey was Fort Collins (CO) + Long Beach (CA) with the explanation being:

Fort Collins, with its rich cultural tapestry, picturesque historic districts, and proximity to the Rocky Mountains, offers a delightful escape during the warmer months. On the other hand, Long Beach, with its gentle ocean breezes, palm-lined shores, and eclectic blend of urban and beach life, provides an ideal refuge from the colder seasons. The combination allows retirees to experience the best of inland and coastal charms, ensuring year-round enrichment and relaxation. - IRAinvesting.com

You can see the whole top-10 which didn't feature a Minnesota city, here.

But there were 3 Minnesota cities listed on the summer destination list from the surveyed members, and one had me surprised. We'll save that one until the end, but the first Minnesota city featured on this list came in at number 32. Minneapolis. specifically "Minneapolis (MN) during summers, and Shreveport (LA) during the winter months"

Here is what IRAinvesting.com had to say about the MN to LA connection:

"For retirees who wish to enjoy the vitality of an urban northern landscape in the warmer months paired with the easy-going warmth of the South during cooler times, the combination of Minneapolis in the summer and Shreveport in the winter is an excellent match."

I'll buy that.

Coming in as the second city mentioned in this survey from Minnesota was Duluth. It came in at number 77 on the list, and it was combined with Ocala Florida. Since it was so far down on the list they didn't include the description as to why people liked to be in those two spots, but I can imagine summers in Duluth taking in Lake Superior have to be nice, and Ocala Florida has the ocean.

Now here is the time to reveal the Minnesota city that surprised me on the list. Rochester. It came in at number 112 and was paired with Salt Lake City, Utah. Snow and snow? Which one is the summer spot (Rochester) and which one is the winter spot (Salt Lake City)? The 'med-city' does have an underground labyrinth that if you know where you are going you don't have to be outside in the winter months for very long, I would think Salt Lake City would get snow in the winter too but maybe it's not as cold.

Once again there wasn't an explanation for Rochester and Salt Lake City.

You can see the whole list of the 120 destination pairings by heading here.

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