Living in Minnesota just got a bit better. There are three Minnesota cities/towns that have made the list of the "best places to live in the United States".  In fact, one of them made the top of the list- number one best city to live is Chanhassen.  Why?  Well, let me tell you.

This is from Money Magazine, and they form this list once a year, every year.  I'm wondering how it would change from year to year, but here are the deciding factors:

Home of Paisley Park- Prince's Home. Great tourist spot

Has a small town feel and is close to big city- just 20 miles to Minneapolis

Landscape Arboretum - technically that's in Chaska... but whatever.

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Chanhassen Autoplex with classic cars and man caves

Median Home sale in 2021- $458,184 and the community is growing

There also is a new development being constructed that will be pedestrian friendly with apartments, retail space, office space, hotels and a lot of green space.

All reasons why Chanhassen is a great place to live.  There were two other Minnesota communities to make the list as welll  One was Woodbury coming in at number 29 and Rosemount at number 32.  And guess what- no cites from Wisconsin or either of the Dakotas made the list in the top 50.  Sorry, Charlie. But I feel like we already kind of knew that, right?  Minnesota pride!

Maybe we don't want to mention (even through I am bringing it up now) the fact that Waite Park made a list of bad places to live.  C'mon- where's the love for that city?

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