A mom of a girl that works at Princeton's McDonalds asked her daughter how work was going, and had this to say in her Facebook post:

"My 14 year old daughter got her first job at McDonald’s and everyday she works when I pick her up she tells me how many times she is called stupid or yelled at for a mistake in the order."

In a time when full grown adults won't step up to the plate and find a job, this 14 year old girl DOES. Working in a restaurant is hard work. There are a lot of working pieces to the puzzle that someone has to be able to manage in order to handle the stress of the job. Yet, this child, and many others, work hard so you don't have to make breakfast, lunch or dinner for yourself.

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Now; I can completely understand the frustration of pulling up to the drive thru window; placing your order, and then once you've paid for your food and drive away, you notice that your order isn't right.

It's super frustrating right?! I get it. However, I've never complained by calling the workers at McDonald's or any other restaurant STUPID for getting my order wrong. Are YOU that person? STUPID is probably one of the nicer mean things that people say. Are we so entitled that WE never make mistakes? Gosh! I'd love to meet the perfect person. I can't imagine how amazing they are. (insert eyes rolling here).

Did these people ever really think about WHO they were calling stupid? I bet they never imagined it would be a child; but in this case, and probably many other cases, it will be. Kids on their very first job; trying to learn the ropes of working and contributing to our self centered society.

On top of that; how about we take responsibility and check our food before we drive away? If you notice something isn't there, politely let the person at the window know if something is missing or if you've received the wrong order.

All of the above have happened to me on numerous occasions. I drive away without checking my order. I get home and it's all wrong. I'm mad. Sometimes I go back and sometimes I don't.

Almost always when I let the restaurant know about the error, they give me a coupon, fix my order, and sincerely apologize for the error.


"I commend you for working so hard at 14. I know you get to see some of the worst in people; but I hope you don't take the comments to heart. Thank you for working so hard, and keep your head up! Know in your heart that what you do makes a difference in the world we live in, and I hope that you'll be able to develop compassion for others in the same situation. The skills you are learning are not just about how to be a hard worker, it's about learning how to be a good human being. I'm proud of you".  ~Kelly :-)


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