I am obsessed with conserving energy and saving money. The summer months make it extremely tempting to turn on the air conditioning, but it costs so much money. Luckily, there are alternatives that'll keep you just as cool!

1. Buy a fan. Seriously! Fans work wonders and cost way less than running your air conditioning--Trust me, I have two!

2. Take a dip in your local pool. There are many pools in the area including the community pool in Foley, the YMCA etc. There are also seven wading pools in St. Cloud--perfect for the kids. You can check out the full list here.


3. If you're more of a sprinkler person, play with the kids at your local splash pad. Central Minnesota has more splash pads than I can count! Check out the full list here.

4. Go shopping. Seriously, if you're looking to stay cool during the daytime without using your AC, head to the mall. It's always freezing cold at Crossroads.

5. Shut your blinds and make it as dark in your home as possible. Obviously the sun heats things up quite a bit, so do your best to keep the sun out of the house.

6. Take a trip to the beach. Going swimming in the lake is one of the best ways to stay cool in Minnesota. Just make sure to put on enough sun block!

7. Wash your car yourself. Not only will you save money on not turning on your air conditioning, you'll get a free car wash out of the deal. Who doesn't get completely soaked while washing their car?

8. Hang out in a basement and watch movies. You've heard that whole thing about heat rising, right? It's true. If you've got a basement, take advantage of it and spend the day in it.

9. Buy a personal pool for your backyard. They're not that expensive, plus you'll have the pool for the rest of this summer and many summers to come.

10. Avoid cooking inside of the house. The oven and the stove heat the house up. If you're trying to keep the house cool, try making cold salads and sandwiches this weekend. It's the perfect weekend to grill outside!

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