We're heading into a super weird weather week in Minnesota. You're going to be able to experience basically all of the seasons within the span of about 7 days. It's officially spring -- but, with weird vibes. Here's what I mean...

Monday, we'll start with sunshine and highs in the upper 50's. That'll change to rain and possibly even snow by Wednesday. So, how does one prepare for a weird weather week? We're glad you asked. You might want to take a backpack everywhere you go this week to make sure you're prepared. Here's what you should keep on-hand.

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1. Flip Flops: Those toes need to see some sunshine this week. It's been awhile. Don't forget to clip those nails first.

2. Rain boots: Those toes need some protection from the rain we will be getting.

3. Snow blower: I mean, this won't fit in your backpack and you could wait for it to melt the next day. On the other hand, you do need to burn up the leftover gas before summer comes.

4. Sunblock: You'll be a sunburnt lobster shoveling a snow pile if you don't protect yourself.

5. Winter coat: Sorry about it. Winter decided to pull a Cousin Eddy and outlast its welcome.

6. Shorts: Hooray! You can finally see if your shorts still fit this week.

7. Cocoa: This is the only surefire way to warm your soul after a blast of cold.

8. Lemonade: It's like drinking sunshine.

9. Umbrellas: Your hair will be upset with you if you forget to pack an umbrella this week.

10. Sunglasses: Because it'll be sunny this week too.

The good news is, we're nearly over the awkward false spring thing. We're officially in 'real spring' territory. Isn't Minnesota just so fun sometimes?

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