Granite City Days kicks off today with the 44th annual Lemonade Concert And Art Fair at St. Cloud State University. The weekend is jam packed with outdoor events, family activities and lots of opportunities to get your junk food fix. Be prepared this weekend and make sure your fun isn't ruined because you forgot to pack something on this list!

1. Camera--It's one of the best people watching weekends ever. Sometimes, a crazy moment will present itself and you'll want to make sure you are camera ready!

2. Sunscreen--This is the weekend I usually burn and bubble over. Make sure to protect your skin and apply lots and lots of sun screen.

3. Cash--I don't know about you, but I never have cash on-hand. This weekend is all about the bills. Don't get yourself into a situation where you're craving food truck cheese curds but you've only got plastic. Plus, ATM fees can be a killer. I suggest you get yourself to the bank today.


4. Water--It's usually hot out, and hydration is key to surviving the Granite City Days Parade. Make sure to pack enough water for you and your guests. This is always the one thing I forget to do in my mad rush out the door before the parade.

5. Lawn chairs--You could sit in the grass and be itchy at the Liberty Savings Block Party, Sing! St. Cloud Karaoke Contest and Granite City Days Parade, but why do that to yourself? Pack lawn chairs in your car now so that you're prepared for any situation this weekend.

6. Sunglasses--We may be known for our cold climate, but the sun is pretty fierce here in the summertime. Pack an extra pair of sunglasses in the car just in case you forget your go-to pair at home. It's vital to enjoying the weekend.

7. Good walking shoes--You'll most likely be walking a lot this weekend if you're planning on participating in the festivities. Make sure to wear your best pair of walking shoes to keep your feet protected.

8. Hand sanitizer--Listen, you're probably going to be using public restrooms at some point this weekend. Trust me, you don't want to eat a bunch of cheese curds and french fries with your hands after you just use a public bathroom.

9. ID--If you're of legal drinking age, you're not going to want to forget your ID at home. Triple check you have this on you or else you'll be missing out on the beer gardens.

10. Bag--You'll want a bag to collect all your free stuff and treasures you'll acquire this weekend. You don't want to be caught bag-less at the Granite City Days Parade, or else your kids will only be collecting enough candy that they can fit in their pockets.

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