Say it ain't so! Just when we thought we were done with winter for the season, the National Weather Service has issued a Winter Weather Advisory until noon today. They're calling for SNOW. If you listen carefully, you might be able to hear the hearts of central Minnesotans breaking all at once. But, we've been down this road before...we're tough in Minnesota. Here's how we're handling the spring snow...

1. Bring in the lawn furniture--Yep, snow in the forecast means it is time to bring in your lawn furniture...OR at least cover it up with a tarp or something. You don't want it to get all rusted and gross.

2. Give the grill a night off--tonight would be a great night to make yourself a hotdish or whip out the crock pot. I'd advise against throwing burgers on the grill tonight, unless you want to freeze your Minnesota tush off.

3. Shut the bedroom windows--It'll be just a little too chilly outside to have your windows open tonight. It's best to leave them shut for a night. It may break your heart, but the good news is that it'll warm up again soon.

4. Turn the heat back on--I HATE turning the heat on once I've decided to shut it off for the spring. I feel like we're going backwards. But, it'll be a little too chilly to not have it on.

5. Grab out the jackets again--Most of us have already started to slowly transition our winter wardrobes into our summer supply. I've put most of my jackets away for the season. I may have jumped the gun a little bit.


6. Add extra blankets to your bed--In Minnesota, it's smart to have a stash of extra blankets for chilly nights. I usually wash my winter blankets and stash them away for the summer. Tonight seems like an extra blanket kind of night.

7. Pull out the shovel--Or, the snowblower for that matter, depending on how much snow we get. Hopefully you haven't drained the gas out of your snowblower for the season.

8. Hope that school is canceled--Let's get real for a second. What's the fun in having a spring snowfall if we don't even get a good school cancellation out of it?! Students are not so secretly wishing we either don't get snow at all, or we get so much that it's enough to close school for a day. Go big, or go home.

9. Cover up your plants--Although you probably haven't started planting your garden outside yet, there's a good chance you have a few flower pots outside. If you do, they're going to need to get covered up or brought inside tonight. Don't forget to do this, otherwise you might have a lot of dead flowers tomorrow morning.

10. Watch Netflix or read a book--No one likes driving in the snow, even if they're good at it. Most Minnesotans are going to try to stay hunkered down tonight as they wait for the snow to melt. It's best to watch your favorite Netflix series or start a good book.

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