I hate winter driving. So much. It makes my heart rate go through the roof, makes me unbelievably nervous, and ask myself why I don't live somewhere warmer. Here are 10 things I would rather do than drive in a winter storm.

1. Make a snow angle with yellow snow near my head at a park, get up, and realize I actually laid in more.

2. Try to find parking on a summer Wednesday afternoon within three blocks of Lake George.

3. Eat a large amount of Lutefisk at a church event.

4. Shop Crossroads Mall on Black Friday.


5. Hit every single red stoplight on Division for a week straight.

6. Teach a new driver how to use a roundabout.

7. Have a trip to the Quarries be cancelled because of a hail storm that came out of no where.

8. Drive on HWY 10 between Royalton and Rice on a summer Friday evening AND a Sunday afternoon.

9. Go to the Benton County Fair and not be allowed to eat ANY food.

10. Find a parking spot downtown, park, and only then realize I have ZERO change for the meter.

What is something you would rather do than drive in a winter storm? Tweet it at us @981Country!

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