Alright, so at this point in the year Cancun, Miami, Malibu and Jamaica sound pretty amazing. St. Cloud doesn’t really compare to that right now weather-wise. BUT, those places are kind of pricey and could definitely break your college budget. St. Cloud can be a good place to pamper yourself and have a relaxing spring break.

1. Massage-A massage sounds like the perfect way to relax your mind and body after a long semester of homework. St. Cloud has a number of massage therapy clinics including Massage Envy, Sound Spirit Massage, Body Kinetics and more.

2. Tanning-You don’t have to go to Mexico to look like you’ve been soaking up the sun’s rays! St. Cloud is home to many tanning salons including Malibu Tan, Ocean Breeze Tanning, Sunshine Palace and more!

3. Drinks-You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars traveling to Miami for good drinks. Grab a few friends that are also staying local this spring break and head down to St. Cloud’s downtown scene! Some great places to get drinks include The Red Carpet Martini Lounge, Brother’s Bar and Grill, Cowboy Jacks and so many more!

4. Swimming-It’s definitely too cold to go swimming in a Minnesota lake. That’s where Florida, Mexico and California have us beat. However, if you’re looking to pull out your bikini and hit the water there are many local places that offer swimming. You could check out St. Cloud State, YMCA, Fitness Evolution and a number of hotels.

5. Fitness-If you’re looking forward to spring break so that you can get a jump start on your beach body, you’re in the right place. St. Cloud offers a variety of fitness places to get you ready for a Minnesota summer. You might want to check out Rejuv Medical, Fitness Evolution, Snap Fitness and many more.


6. Shopping-I love shopping and I use vacations as an excuse to go on a mini shopping spree. You don’t have to travel out of state to have a splurge day. You’ve got the Mall of America right here in your own backyard, the Crossroads Shopping Center, and many little shopping boutiques located in St. Cloud’s downtown.

7. Going out to dinner-One of my favorite things about going on vacation is being able to eat whatever I want and not having to worry about being healthy. You can do that right here in St. Cloud. One of my favorite splurge restaurants is Nick’s Third Floor in DB Searles. They have some of the best cheese curds I’ve ever had. I also love getting pastries from Cold Spring Bakery and Coborns! There are so many restaurants and bakeries in St. Cloud, it’ll make your head spin!

8. Nails/hair-Sometimes, vacations help you feel like a brand new person. I get the same feeling when I get my hair done or get a mani and pedi! If you’re looking to feel brand new check out some of these services available in St. Cloud!

9. Sleep-It’s always fun to read a good book and fall asleep on the beach. But, if you’re planning on sleeping through your vacation maybe you should just stay home and make friends with your bed again.

10. Live Music-If you’re looking to go on a trip to see some great live music, think about checking out St. Cloud’s downtown area instead. St. Cloud has a great music scene with genres including country, bluegrass, rock and more!

Don’t get me wrong, Mexico and Florida are definitely great places to spend your spring break, but if you’re looking to save some money and also get a similar experience, staying local might be your best option! Happy spring break!

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